Costa Rica Trip

Costa Rica Trip

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Costa Rica – little and beautiful land in Central America, lapped of Pacific Ocean to the west and Carribean Sea to the east. On small universe Costa Rica occupies one on the high place by standart of living and most happy area of the world!
Costa Rica Trip cheap is silent paradise place for adorable rest after long work. Peaceful country without military, reserve-land with more than 74 nationals reserves, where a riot of wild plant life and animate being is surrounded by mountains and ocean. Main people attractions – domestic greens, mountains and underwater caves and waterfalls, scenic mountain and river valleys, volcanoes. By north to south crossed the state attracted chain of mountains, placed between Central Plateau – is productive ground, and this is where much of population lives in Costa Rica. The mountains bordering tableland, generally of eruptive origination, is at that place any alive vents. Most famous Costa Rica volcano – active young volcano Arenal. This – the highest mountain is absolutely correct conical shape. Arenal is illuminated at night and during eruption illuminates surroundings. Greatest volcano – Irazu (3432 m). And maximal degree – Chirripo (3820 m), set in the south of the respublica. Lake Arenal – largest of the lakes land. 550 km off the coast of Costa Rica in Pacific Ocean is desert island Cocos. It is biggest global officially uninhabited island.  Robert Louis Stevenson lived here legendary Captain Flint, and Jacques-Yves Cousteau named island “fairest in the Earth”. This wild, untouched place, covered on forests jungle. This island is besides a diving center, every year thousands of tourists come here from complete the world to plunge into crystal clear waters of the ocean. On the Caribbean glide and eastern slopes of mountains fall rainfall. Almost of twelvemonth it is hot, rainy weather. In lowlands norm January temperature – +23 °C, in July – +25 °C. On the Pacific coast, and on the western slopes of the mountains the climate is less humid. Four months a year there lasts a dry winter season. Forests cover nearly 2/3 of Costa Rica. In the tropical forests of valuable species of trees – red, ebony, balsa. This country offers combined of the best varieties of wildlife on Earth. In Republic of Costa Rica, which is equal to size of West Virginia, is base to 500,000 of various kinds – is around 4% of whole plants, insects and animals on Earth.
Costa Rica Trip cheap vacation is proud of its history. On territory of advanced country met Mesoamerican and South American cultures. Nicoya Peninsula, situated on the north-west, was the southernmost area of influence of the Aztec culture, at a time when the Spanish conquerors arrived (16th century); On the other hand, here, in existed during the original culture of Gran Nicoya. Influence of Chibcha culture was spread in primal and southern regions of area.
Costa Rica Trip cheap vacation best has diverse culture places – opera performances and symphony concerts are held at the National Theater in San Jose, with stairs and balconies of Carrara marble built best European architects, and not inferior to best time of construction of similar buildings in Europe. Besides him, in  capital there are a lot of smaller theaters. National Library in San Jose, founded in 1888, holds more than 175 thousand. volumes, and library of University of Costa Rica, founded in 1946 – approx. 100 thousand. volumes.
Kitchen Costa Rica belongs primarily of rice, fruits, fish, attics, meat and veggies. Local chefs are usually not frequently applied spices in their dishes, but to any dish is usually served ketchup or sauces, chili. Costa Rica coffee is considered one of the best in the human beings, and therefore consume it here in huge quantities. He served it on table in small jars and poured into tiny cups. As well, throughout Costa Rica is popular herbal tea, which is brewed according to old recipes. Most favorite dish in land is kasados (pinto) – is a mix of black beans and rice with vegetables, which is served on meat dishes.
Music of Costa Rica Trip cheap vacation best rest has not reached a significant external popularity; the better experienced genres of music in Costa Rica are: Aboriginal dance direction of Calypso, which is separated by the more well-known Trinidadian calypso, sounding in night clubs of different metropolises, specified San Jose; American and British rock&roll, pop music and love widespread popularity amongst teenage citizenry (particularly amidst citified young person), though juice, salsa, merengue, cumbia and Tagus attract a more mature audience. Most primary instruments – guitar, accordion, mandolin and marimba (wooden xylophone).
We invite you to Republic of Costa Rica – the finest place for excellent rest in the Earth!


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