Playa del Coco Diving

Playa del Coco Diving

 Playa-del-Coco-Diving1 Playa-del-Coco-Diving

1. VIRADOR (9-23 meters).
Here you can see the shark cave (10 m), many rays, white-tipped reef sharks (22 m), open-mouthed grunts, snapper, king angelfish and sergeant majors. Difficulty: Easy, sometimes current.
2. MONKEYS HEAD (9-20 meters)
This picturesque volcanic rock was formed by the ocean and resembles the head of a gorilla. Only a small sandy channel separates this place from Virador. This site is often visited by large flocks of eagle rays and southern stingrays. Difficulty: Easy.
3. MEROS (5-12 meters)
A small and beautiful place filled with life of nudibranch molluscs, huge schools of grunts and giant groupers. This site offers both shallow places for snorkeling and deeper ones for diving. Difficulty: Easy.
4. NARIZONES (17-30 meters)
This dive site is located to the north and covered with octocorals and yellow fluorescent corals. It is a favorite place for flocks of swordfish, basses, stingrays and giant moray eels. Difficulty: Easy, sometimes current.
5. SURPRISE (14-34 meters)
This is the place for deep dives with a huge number of fish that form a spiral, as they move from the bottom of the ocean to the surface. This place is a haven for many moray eels whose size in diameter can be compared to the human leg. Difficulty: Advanced, sometimes current.
6. PUNTA ARGENTINA (CAPE) (7-28 meters)
Long rock formations stretched from the coastal islands and dive deep into the ocean. This place is sheltered toadfish, stingrays and a huge number of tropical fish. Difficulty: Intermediate, sometimes current.
7. TORTUGA (5-21 meters)
Fishing boat sunk at a depth of 15 meters not far from the cave of sharks, here you can see sharks, resting after their lunch. Rocky formations located among the sand channels are home to numerous marine fauna. Difficulty: Easy, sometimes current.
8. PUNTA GORDA (5-21 meters)
A place rich in corals and diverse marine life. This site looks like a nurse sharks hatchery. Difficulty: Easy.
9. TIBURONES (SHARKS) (5-21 meters)
Here you have a chance to meet a huge number of white-tipped reef sharks. A great number of rays lie on the ocean bottom as the cars parked in the parking lot. Difficulty: Intermediate, often current.
10. LA PUNTA (CATALINAS ISLANDS) (12-33 meters)
This dive is a relaxed way to cruise around looking for giant manta rays. You will dive without the anchor rope to a small depth near the main island, and then let the flow carry you towards the south to the seabed where you can see white-tipped reef sharks. Difficulty: Advanced, sometimes current.

11. LA PARED (CATALINAS ISLANDS) (12-21 meters).
An exhilarating shark channel will provide you with a glimpse of the white-tipped reef sharks that call this area home. Once through the channel, we drift northwesterly past octocoralled pinnacles to fly with the giant mantas, eagle rays, and schools of cow-nosed rays. Difficulty: Intermediate, sometimes current and strong surge.
This lovely space is covered with corals and sponges inside. As we move from bottom to top, we’ll meet on the way many sharks in the deep part and then be able to swim in the huge flocks of tropical fish and rays closer to the surface. Difficulty: Hard, current and surge.
13. BIG SCARE (BAT ISLANDS) (0-33 meters)
Do you want to feel the adrenaline? Dive with the bull sharks! During the season (May to September) it’s considered the best place to see the elusive shark. Difficulty: Hard, sometimes strong current and surge.

Playa del Coco Diving – Hotel’s Accommodation

San Jose – Low Budget: Hotel Fleur de Lys

San Jose – Economy: Hotel Palma Real

San Jose – Superior: Hotel Barcelo
San José Palacio

San Jose – Deluxe: Hotel Alta

Playa del Coco – Low Budget: Cabinas Coco Azul
(without meal)

Playa del Coco – Economy:  La Puerta del Sol

Playa del Coco – Superior: Ocotal Beach Resort

Playa del Coco – Deluxe: Hilton Papagayo Resort
(All Inclusive)

Day 1. San Jose, Costa Rica.

Meeting at the airport with a English-speaking guide, private transfer to the hotel (without meal).
Day 2. Doka Coffee Plantation – Poas Volcano – La Paz Waterfalls.
In the morning you will have the shared “Combo – Tour”. During this tour you will get acquainted with various local attractions. We begin with a visit to the plantation Doka Estate Coffee, where you will have a great breakfast and then get acquainted with the technique of cultivation, collection and processing of coffee. From the top of the Poas Volcano you can enjoy a magnificent view of the main crater and its fumaroles. Then continue your journey along the paths of the cloud forest to the magnificent waterfalls of La Paz. You will also visit the famous butterfly and hummingbird farm. The tour includes lunch. Return to your hotel in San Jose.
Day 3. San Jose – Playa del Coco.
Early in the morning the regular transfer to the hotel on the beach Playa del Coco. Hotel accommodation. Afternoon at your disposal to relax.
Day 4. Diving in the Gulf of Papagayo.
In the Gulf of Papagayo are more than 25 dive sites near the hotel, 9 points on the Catalina’s Islands and 9 points on the Bat Islands. The depth varies from 12 to 34 meters at different locations. The water temperature is 26-29 ° C all year round, during the winter months from December to March, sometimes the temperature falls to 19 ° C thanks to cold flows that attract a huge number of humpback whales, giant stingrays, whale sharks, and others. Visibility is up to 12 meters from June to September. Regardless of the quality of visibility these waters are always full of marine life to observe. The program includes 2 tank boat dives.
Day 5. Diving in the Gulf of Papagayo.
Diving in the Gulf of Papagayo. For an additional fee you can make a dive at Catalina’s Islands. 2 tank boat dives. Accommodation in the hotel.
Day 6. Diving in the Gulf of Papagayo.
Diving in the Gulf of Papagayo. For an additional fee you can make a dive at Bat Islands. 2 tank boat dives. Accommodation in the hotel.
Day 7. Playa del Coco – San Jose.
In the afternoon the shared transfer to San Jose. Accommodation at the hotel in San Jose.
Day 8. San Jose – Airport.
Transfer to the international airport for your flight docking.

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