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Welcome to TourRadar Marketing Solutions

We help marketers in the travel industry capture every opportunity to drive bookings to their destination. With the insights and conversion power of our Adventure Booking Platform, we give you global exposure to millions of ready-to-book travelers, access to multiple marketing channels, and a full-funnel suite of solutions to help you get the word out. Our flexible campaign approach allows us to select the right assets for your business goals—be it awareness- or conversion-oriented—and we drive the right results.

Whether you’re looking to build destination awareness with a memorable destination video or by allowing travelers to win a couple of seats on a life-enriching adventure, our team has you covered.

Our competitive advantage

With 2,500+ operators, TMS can identify and share industry-spanning trends about a destination to build a winning campaign strategy. Whether it’s digging into booking-to-travel windows, driving longer stays or higher spends from a particular source market or comparing popular travel styles by age group, we can leverage insights at a much larger scale than other partners

TourRadar boasts the largest selection of organized adventures worldwide, with more than 50,000 tours available to our 2.5 million monthly web visitors. Our destination partners tap into the global audience or select a source market to segment—we have a sizable presence in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and New Zealand

Our solutions

We offer a variety of digital marketing solutions throughout the entire customer journey, including paid ads, emails, custom asset production, website takeovers, influencers and B2B marketing.

Our reach

Our success stories

TourRadar x Portugal

Portugal wanted to drive travelers during the autumn/winter season.

Through content highlighting Portugal’s cultural, natural and culinary experiences, we turned the months from August through November, which accounted for the least bookings for Portugal in previous years, into months with the highest bookings. Our campaign generated 3.4 million impressions and increased Portugal’s pageviews by 166% .

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TourRadar x Fjord Norway

Norway wanted to promote the Fjord Norway region to emerging markets.